You think you know your doughnuts…

MASHABLE – Why do people get so worked up over doughnuts?  Could it be the type or size of them?  Could it be that they are the perfect portable baked good?  Is it that they give an easy sugar fix to their addicts?  What gives.  Mashable columnist Brie Hiramine provides an[…]


You think you know your doughnuts…

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If you just can’t wait for Google Glass you need to take a look at some other wearable computing devices slated to come out ‘this’ year.  The Recon Jet is an activity specific heads-up display with a truly open platform that delivers information instantly, effortlessly and unobtrusively direct to the user’s[…]

Heads Up Display for your Head

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With all the technology we have stuffed into a phone that lives in our pockets it may not seem too shocking to see this technology in other parts of our lives. But I have to say that the Points signage developed by Brooklyn company Breakfast is so well thought out and beautiful that I’m excited to see all tourist cities get these signs. And perhaps they will someday be ubiquitous in all cities… a Sign of the Times.

Sign of the Times

Jeffrey Davis provides a great review of Marty Neumeier’s visionary book about creativity and design in the robotic age. Posted using Tinydesk blog app

Tracking Wonder – Metaskills Review


This is not a article about Ping Pong. But perhaps it is… a little. Ping Pong does represent a sort of back-n-forth strategy we all face in our daily lives. It does represent how we may ‘react’ to what life is throwing at us. We hit hard and then wait[…]

Pong Your Ping


Tablets are sure are handy, but even with a stylus, there are times they’re no match for a good old-fashioned notebook. Notebook snobs have long been fans of Moleskine notebooks for this purpose, because they’re stylish and durable. Having said that, Evernote has functionally become my second brain. I often[…]

Paper is Dead. Long Live Paper.


Quick, go find that DVD of Minority Report.  OK, got it? Now fast forward… you will see a hot shot special agent (Tom Cruise) of the ‘precrime’ unit (division of the police force that predicts crimes before they happen).   But that’s not the cool part. The cool part is when[…]

Keyboard > Mouse > Leap


Did you know that 10% of all people in the world believe that the end of the world will occur sometime in 2012?  A new survey reveals that the Mayan calendar is playing a role in the believes of millions.  How does this doomsday message play out in our media,[…]

Inforgraphic: The End Is Near


Technology and Fashion have been at the crossroads for a very long time. Before Google Glass was the Wristwatch and even gadgets to help you cheat at poker or eavesdrop on the table next to you. And remember the X-ray Glasses. Anyway, technology and fashion go hand in hand and now a company called CuteCircuit wants to create the first programmable t-shirt called tshirtOS. Yeah, it’s 100% cotton. It has a microprocessor and wirelessly connnets to an iOS app. It also has audio playback via a supported headphone jack. And to top it off, support for a camera as well. I sense that T-shirts just got a whole new level of expression.

You Are The Platform

Batman doesn’t have any ‘super’ powers.  He’s not a mutant or an alien from another planet.  He’s just a rich guy that wants to save the world… or at least piss off some bad bad criminals. So, how rich do you have to be to become Batman.  The team over[…]

Batman Inc.

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Imagine Oprah on stage yelling  “a startup for you.. and you… and you.  All of you are going home with a STARTUP.”  Well, it may seem pretty strange but haven’t we seen some strange startups lately?  Now there is a website to help you figure out your ‘great idea’.  Give[…]

Start Me Up